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It's the only Oklahoma website that emails members free highlighted legal updates particularly affecting law enforcement. The primary goal is to keep members current in the law. Whether you're an OFFICER, prosecuting ATTORNEY, or JUDGE, you'll have access to valuable information from your patrol car or your office.

After registering, you will receive free updates like this one on police-related legal opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, Oklahoma Supreme Court, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office.

Your information remains confidential pursuant to the Privacy Policy.

LEGAL REPRESENTATION provides and coordinates a wide range of legal services to CLIENTS. These areas of law are practiced by associated lawyers.

You may need personal legal advice, or advice related to your work or your business. can also assist your family members and friends when they need prompt and convenient legal advice or services. Get convenient help 24/7 through the website.

Client Information can be conveniently submitted online rather than filling out initial forms at an office. Most critical correspondence, documents, and pleadings are also provided to clients electronically.


Files, links, and information from many sources are combined in one place. You can do most research on your own, from your patrol car or office, with access to law enforcement information, suspects, or the law, from a single source, including access to a complete Law Library.


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